We offer a suite of services to holistically improve your farm, land, and community.

Community Partnerships

Workshops are offered for people of all ages, abilities, and experiences by partnering with community-based farms and gardens to share our collective knowledge.

Curricula are published as open educational resources making them available to be reused, redistributed, and remixed.

Research & Development

Site-specific research is conducted for each project to ensure that our consultation is considerate of the specificities of each ecosystem and the needs of the client.

Creative innovation is our primary approach to meeting our client's needs, whether it be increasing crop yield, improving soil health quality, or pest and weed issues.

Consultancy & Training

Consultancy assists our clients in improving the ecosystem of the land they own or steward.

Training is offered for leadership and employees to instruct and educate on the best practices of resource management and agroecological farming.